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George Clooney's Philosophy On Auditioning And Interviewing

The mindset shift that propelled George Clooney forward into an incredibly successful acting career—and how you can use it to excel in interviews.
George Clooney's Philosophy On Auditioning And Interviewing
Photo by Hennie Stander / Unsplash

While reading The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday, I came across a story about George Clooney from when he first started acting.

Holiday explains that before Clooney was a big celebrity name, he had trouble booking acting gigs.

Whenever he would go into an audition, he had the impression that he needed to impress everyone and gain their approval. However, he never seemed to be able to do this and his auditions kept falling flat and failing.

However, everything changed for Clooney when he had a realization.

He realized that not only was he trying to get these roles to benefit himself, but the producers and casting agents were also trying to find someone to get their job done, as well.

So, Clooney changed his mindset.

Instead of acting as if he needed to get the agents approval, he started to think about how he could benefit them instead of himself. He became the person that would solve their problem rather than his own.

Clooney decided that he would become the solution to the casting agents problems rather than making them the solution to his problem of needing a job.

This simple shift changed everything for Clooney and it led to him becoming the incredibly successful leading actor that he is today.

So, next time you find yourself preparing for a job interview, try adopting this mindset.

Think of what kind of person would solve the hiring managers' or company's problem and earnestly work to become that person.

Ideally, this would entail learning all of the necessary skills needed in the position but also, if nothing else, simply just try changing your mindset.

Remember this: Be the solution to a problem, not a problem looking for solutions.